This is what democracy looks like.

In light of the lack of attention and accountability of mainstream planning, Portland African American Leadership Forum responds with the PAALF People’s Plan. 

In 2014, conversations emerged with PAALF and Black Leaders, to develop a People’s Plan for Black Portland. A People’s Plan addresses the issues we prioritize, and we determine its goals and strategies. The City and County setting “equity goals” isn’t enough: we need accountability and we need our own unapologetically Black voices demanding racial justice.

What is the PAALF People’s Plan

This plan will frame the policy agenda, projecting the vision for a thriving black community, and advance community-initiated projects that benefit Africans and African Americans living in Portland, Oregon. By viewing the community as the drivers of change, the PAALF People’s Plan will serve as a powerful tool for organizing, advocacy, and implementation; empowering the Portland Black community to assert their right to actively shape the city they live in.

This plan will serve as a guide for African American and African place-making opportunities in a post displacement context. For those Black Portlanders who have been affected by uneven, inequitable development practices, leading to their displacement and the destruction of their communities, the People’s Plan represents their demand of both racial and spatial justice.

Who is behind the PAALF People’s Plan

PAALF People’s Plan is a project of Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF). PAALF’s mission is to solve issues that challenge the Portland African American community in a unified and collaborative way. PAALF’s primary goal is to enforce an action agenda that improves the health and wellbeing of local African Americans.

This project often referred to as the People's Plan and/or the PDX People's Plan. While the official name is the PAALF People's Plan, we believe that the concept behind name is what is important.