"Portland is the first time I ever got called the “N” word. In the parking lot of Stark and 106th"

"You'd be surprised by how many people are just at the library... most people have a negative view of East Portland. But there’s so many people just reading, on the computer.."

"There's a lot of low income and income restricted housing right along the Max, which I realized one day was really quite deliberate... building after building... you've got a Max line that shuttles you straight in and straight out. Back and forth. There’s no way really for you to get off and walk. What ends up happening is that people get on to a point and they don't stop until they get home. And that means they aren't interacting with the community. It's another way of isolating people...Instead of building stuff around the Max for people, you know just a a grocery story for people to get off and go and see their neighbors. As you know if you go roundabout on Sunday and run errands, you're probably going to see other people there... If you’re going to shuttle people out here, give them something to do. It was a matter of getting them as far from the city as possible”

"It’s not about living out there, it’s that they expect me to live out there...they’re taking away your choice."