What is the PAALF People's Plan: East Portland Pilot?

Placemaking is the process of shaping a place that is reflective of community values, culture and diversity through place-based projects and community events. Placemaking can be a powerful intervention for enabling community members to improve their neighborhoods while contributing their cultural heritage.

The PAALF People's Plan : East Portland Pilot  is focused on the needs and priorities of Africans and African Americans who have settled in East Portland as a result of displacement from inner city neighborhoods and the search for affordable housing options. The disruption of social networks and loss of community through this process can be traumatic and stressful.

In response to the root shock experienced by these populations, the PAALF People's Plan : East Portland Pilot offers the opportunity to address unique challenges facing Africans and African Americans and aid in stabilizing the community in East Portland. The student consulting team envisions a community-driven placemaking effort in East Portland that will catalyze action for ensuring equitable access to anticipated improvements and investments


PAALF People's Plan: East Portland Pilot Goals :

Strengthen networks within and amongst African Americans and Africans in East Portland while enabling capacity building;

Elevate the profile of issues unique to African Americans and Africans within East Portland and to the broader black community throughout the Portland region; and

Provide a strategic road map for placemaking in areas where community members have experienced, or are experiencing displacement in East Portland that specifically prioritizes issues, goals and strategies common to African Americans and Africans.


 Pilot Project Area:

Community Engagement Timeline:

3/23 Community Leaders Forum

Outcome: List of issues and concerns

3/28 Public Workshop: Issues

Outcome: Supplemental and prioritized list of issues and concerns

4/2 Public Workshop: Actions

Outcome: Actions and Solutions to address issues

5/2 Public Workshop: Recommendations and Next Steps

Outcome: Analysis of actions/ solutions and preferred direction


PAALF People's Plan: East Portland Pilot Team

Todd Borkowitz, Lorrie Chang, Christine Corrales, Leslee Humphrey, D.H. Strongheart, Timothy Wood

Masters of Urban Planning Students from the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University