It has become common that African-American children are working in educational environments that are conducted from the lowest per student funding which impacts infrastructure improvements, staff hiring, and access to educational resources. Educational attainment is a pathway out of poverty by improving the chance of earning a living wage and higher.


Health can be determined by genetic disposition, personal decisions, and access to medical technology, yet there is a lack of emphasis on the economic factors that impact individuals. These factors have direct impacts physical well-being and mental health of communities. Health is related to one’s place in society, therefore inequity in access to jobs and wages, food security, neighborhood and environmental quality results in marginalized groups to become disenfranchised.


Housing meets more than the basic need for shelter, it is part of a greater network of interconnectedness within communities that support social interaction, support of families, and cultural institutions. Historically in the city of Portland, African and African-Americans have been excluded from housing and homeownership opportunities and been impacted by disinvestment, which has led to the current effects of gentrification throughout the city. “Revitalization” policies and programs have failed to address historical and current inequities amongst the African and African-American community in Portland.


Economic opportunity and development allows for financial prosperity for individuals, and ultimately the community at large. This includes access to educational attainment, employment, business entrepreneurship and home ownership. Having access to wealth through these economic opportunities provides greater capacity for passing on intergenerational wealth within families and a strengthened socio-economic standing.


Safety and Security includes the concern protecting individuals who are at risk of being racially profiled by police and are at risk for brutality. Individuals are subjected to being stopped and searched by police based on the origins of their nationality, skin color, or race. Racial profiling results in individuals of color being incarcerated at higher rates, this has the greatest impact of the success and development of young people.


The arts are a representation of culture by the formulation and expression of thought or emotions through creative means. This can include the use of visual arts, performing arts, music, or use of dance or cultural ceremonies. Representation of culture through the arts allows for groups to have the capacity to portray their voices and contribute to a greater dialogue.


Just sustainability requires the triple bottom line of the environmental, economic, and social well being within our cities. Our ability to thrive as a population relies on the health of our environment, yet disparities in environmental quality directly affects marginalized groups, who historically are forced to locate to areas of cities that are underserved and suffer from disinvestment. This includes disparities in neighborhood quality, walkscore, greenspace, and transportation.

PAALF People's Plan Planning Session